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The Pension Protection Act of 2006, or PPA, created a way for people to protect their retirement savings accounts from being drained by long-term care expenses using a new asset-based life insurance approach. The new PPA plans allow you to move money from an existing account – such as 401k, IRA, investments, or savings – to a new asset class that will generate up to 9x your money in tax-free benefits that pay for care.

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Retirement Articles

Estate Planning: Do You Need A Will?

Estate planning and writing a will isn’t just for the rich and famous. If you have dependents and/or any assets at all — a house, a car, jewelry, a bank […]

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8 of the Cheapest Places to Retire Abroad

Retiring abroad can have major benefits. These include less expensive healthcare, a lower cost of living without lowering the standard of living, and a change of pace and scenery. If […]

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The Retirement Crisis in America

Fantasizing about retirement is part of the fun of planning for the future, especially as middle age moves on and career aspirations begin to wane. Whether you have a family, […]

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10 Best Places to Retire in Texas Under 100k Population

Where you choose to live in retirement may be based on your life circumstances such as the need, or desire, to be in relatively close proximity to family, part time […]

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Understanding Retirement Income Plans

Retirement income typically comes from pensions, annuities, IRAs, social security, and from investment accounts. Now, many employers are phasing out traditional pension plans that pay either a lump sum or […]

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5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Retirement Planning Efforts

Retirement is something most people start dreaming about early on in their professional lives. Now whether that dreaming is tied to active or passive planning is a different matter entirely. […]

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Top 10 Cities for Retirement

Retiring comes with many perks, ranging from spending days away from an office to having more time for travel. For many people, retirement also comes with another major advantage: an […]

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Common Money Mistakes and Their Solutions

If you’re caught in the “money mistakes” cycle, watch this interview with financial professional Cathy DeWitt Dunn on Fox 4 News KDFW in Dallas, Texas. Fox 4’s Jenny Anchondo and […]

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How much savings is enough for retirement travel?

Are you anticipating spending more time seeing the sights or finding your ideal spot and putting your feet up? Looking forward to life in retirement responsibly means undertaking a meaningful […]

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Will Social Security be Around When I Retire?

If you’re led to believe that you can rely on Social Security to provide what might be your only source of retirement income, that’s a bet you might not want […]

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Stretching Social Security Benefits to the Max

For anyone who’s interested in maximizing their social security benefits, there are a few key things that you want to keep in mind. Because we know Social Security may affect […]

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Vacation Budgeting – Can you afford your vacation?

Vacation budgeting is a must when times are tough, but there are things you can do to cut costs when planning your trip. In this Fox 4 News segment, “Can […]

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In-Service Withdrawals from 401(k) Plans – The Basics

Of all the retirement tools available, 401(k)s are among the most popular. Offered primarily through one’s employer, 401(k)s offer a secure way to invest in the future through your employer […]

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5 Retirement Myths Debunked

Retirement myths typically emerge from outdated or exaggerated information that is no longer accurate or applicable to retiring in the 21st century. The financial landscape surrounding retirement is no longer […]

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Is a tax-free retirement strategy right for you?

Have you considered adding a tax-free retirement strategy to your overall retirement plan? A well-rounded retirement plan should include multiple income streams – at least one of which should be […]

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A Guide to Managing Aging Parents’ Finances

There can be several differing circumstances when it may be required for you to take over one or both of your parents’ finances and budget. As parents age, their needs […]

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What is the Best Age to Start Collecting Social Security?

Deciding when to begin receiving Social Security is a very personal decision that should be given serious consideration that involves weighing several key factors. The process can be a complicated […]

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SEC Targeting Reverse Churning by Financial Advisors

While fee-based brokerage accounts may make sense for a lot of investors, clients who trade infrequently may be getting the short end of the stick. Infrequent traders should beware ‘reverse […]

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How to Pay for Healthcare During Retirement

It’s a sad fact of life: the more health care services improve, the more expensive costs become. Even in light of recent health care legislation, medical costs continue to soar, […]

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Long Term Care: The Adult “Birds & the Bees” Conversation

If you are in or approaching retirement, now is the time to have “the talk” with your family about how you will approach the prospect of planning for long-term care.

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Early Retirement Planning

Retiring early, before Social Security and Medicare benefits kick in, requires that a significant portion of your pre-retirement income be maintained by some means that is likely to continue for […]

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Is Obama’s MyRA Good or Bad for Your Retirement?

With the stroke of a pen, President Obama directed the Treasury Department to establish new retirement savings accounts aimed at workers with limited access to traditional retirement accounts.

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