10 Best Places to Retire in Texas Under 100k Population

Where you choose to live in retirement may be based on your life circumstances such as the need, or desire, to be in relatively close proximity to family, part time work, or even your doctor and/or medical treatment facility. However, if you are more flexible, but still want to live in Texas, we’ve put together a nice list of the best places to retire in Texas.

With local.niche.com doing the heavy lifting of gathering data on cities and towns across Texas, we’ve focused our efforts on the top 10 best places to retire. The key factors for grading each town included monthly housing cost, crime rate, property tax rate, weather, access to doctors, and access to grocery stores. Additional factors considered were access to golf courses, recreation, and restaurants. Also more heavily taken into consideration were the number of residents in the communities age 65 and older and those of that age group who had recently moved into the area.

When grading the best places to retire in Texas, town population was also a key factor. For this article, only towns of less than 100,000 residents were considered. If you’d prefer a larger city, we did a nice piece last year on the Top 10 Cities for Retirement in the U.S.

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Let’s get going on our countdown of the 10 best places to retire in Texas with a population of less than 100,000 residents. The number 10 spot goes to…


#1 Fredericksburg

#2 Kerrville

#3 Granbury

#4 Aransas Pass

#5 Monahans

#6 Yoakum

#7 Cameron

#8 Burnet

#9 Brady

#10 Silsbee


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