Top 10 Cities for Retirement

Retiring comes with many perks, ranging from spending days away from an office to having more time for travel. For many people, retirement also comes with another major advantage: an excuse to move. Without a job or small children to consider, retirement is the perfect time to pick up and explore what the U.S. has to offer. Many retirees seek cities with a temperate climate, plenty of activity, and a reasonable cost of living, creating a great place to relax and play. While personal preferences are certainly a factor, these are the ten top cities for retirement in the United States.

  1. San Marcos, Texas

When the South is your style, Texas is full of charming places to call home. With a beautiful landscape and a temperate climate, San Marcos offers a charming compromise between the big cities and the small towns. Offering a reasonable cost of living, wide-open spaces, and plenty of activity, retirees of all kinds can find something to love.

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina

If you’re on the hunt for warm summers and mild winters, a youthful atmosphere, and plenty of places to go, Raleigh has so much to offer. The cost of living is low, there are many opportunities for dining and activity, and the larger population means adequate doctors, stores, and culture. Within hours of the beach, Raleigh offers the perfect balance between beachside and city living.

  1. Mesa, Arizona

Hot, dry, and full of life, Mesa is a perfect place to relax and soak up the sunshine. A suburb of Phoenix, residents can enjoy an urban feel in a relaxed atmosphere. Despite the hot summers, winters in Mesa are warm and comfortable, allowing for outdoor living all year round. With an average cost of living and a favorable tax climate, retirees can enjoy a great place to call home.

  1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

For seniors who want a more urban environment, Pittsburgh offers a Midwestern balance between a big city and a cozy family community. With a delightfully low cost of living 16% below the national average, and plenty of options for getting around without a car, retirees will love all of the options and activity, despite the chilly winters.

  1. #6 Colorado Springs, COColorado Springs, Colorado

With a mild climate and a laid-back atmosphere, Colorado Springs boasts the best of nature with a small town feel that’s oozing with charm. Retirees can enjoy better than average air quality and unlimited outdoor activities, from skiing in the winter to hiking and biking in the summer. Boasting an average cost of living, a cozy retirement home won’t break the bank.

  1. Fargo, North Dakota

After the oil boom began in the mid 2000s, North Dakota’s economy has been on the fast track, offering seniors an exciting and nature-oriented place to call home. With a lower than average cost of living, thousands of miles of natural parks to explore, and more doctors per capita than average, Fargo is the perfect place to spend your later years.

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  1. Lexington, Kentucky

If the wild West isn’t the right place for your retirement ambitions, Lexington has a lot to offer retirees seeking a healthy lifestyle in a moderate climate. Offering an economy built on education and industry, a walking-friendly atmosphere, a Midwestern lifestyle, and affordable housing, there’s no better place to pass the decades in retirement.

  1. Cape Coral, Florida

Retirement DestinationsFlorida is a mecca for retirees, dishing up 365 days of sunshine, a comfortable climate, and hundreds of outdoor activities. Cape Coral is nestled along the Gulf of Mexico with a population of 166,000, offering a perfect balance between small-town life and a busy, active city. With a low tax rate and virtually no crime, there’s nothing not to love about this part of the Sunshine State.

  1. Boise, Idaho

For those who are interested in making the most of nature and enjoying the great outdoors in retirement, Boise has much to offer. Boasting a low cost of living with housing prices averaging $175,000 and low taxes, retirees can spend the weekend hiking in the national parks and the week enjoying great food and taking advantage of a great climate for volunteering.

  1. Athens, Georgia

With a delightfully low cost of living, a walkable atmosphere around the downtown area, and low crime rates, Athens is a historic city perfect for retirees. Georgia also offers hot summers and cool winters, making the climate largely hospitable all year round. Affordable with small-town charm, Athens has everything needed for an active retirement.

Enjoying retirement can happen in any city across the country, but some areas are more appropriate than others. These top ten cities offer a great quality of life, low costs of living and great climates, guaranteeing you a comfortable place to enjoy a long life.

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