10 Best Places to Retire in Texas Under 100k Population

#10 Silsbee

Silsbee starts off our countdown of the 10 best places to retire in Texas with a population of less than 100,000 residents. Silsbee is a town of 6,611 residents according to the 2010 Census and is located in southeast Texas, approximately 21 miles north of Beaumont.

Some contributing factors that make Silsbee great for retirees are low housing costs, great weather, low crime rate, and low property taxes. Silsbee’s average median monthly cost for housing is only $697 per month, substantially lower than the $929 average cost per month for housing across the state of Texas. Silsbee’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico gives the town its warm climate with a year-round average temperature of 68.6° Fahrenheit. The median effective property tax rate for the town of Silsbee is only 1.13% compared to a state median rate of 1.94%.

For retirees that enjoy the outdoors, Silsbee is nestled in the piney woods of southeast Texas near the Big Thicket National Preserve whose visitor’s center is only 15 miles from town. This area is filled with natural beauty and a wide variety of wildlife. The nearby Neches River is a popular canoeing and kayaking attraction for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts across the country. The town also has numerous parks provided for the citizens of Silsbee including the Knupple, Sante Fe, Waldo Mathew, Exquissette, and Veteran Parks.

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Of the very few drawbacks for retirees living in Silsbee are the D- ratings for access to golf and grocery stores.

Moving on in our countdown of the top 10 Best Places to Retire in Texas, we come to the 9th place town. The number 9 slot goes to…

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#1 Fredericksburg

#2 Kerrville

#3 Granbury

#4 Aransas Pass

#5 Monahans

#6 Yoakum

#7 Cameron

#8 Burnet

#9 Brady

#10 Silsbee


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